Friday, February 12, 2016

FTV Some Fun Between Ports

1/C Szloch and 1/C Kupeic
We can have fun on the ship, we had our annual weigh in for our fun Jousting match that we host each SeaTerm. This year the Student Government Association has graciously accepted the task of running our tournament. In addition to the weigh ins we had our traditional auction for the charity a different charity selected by the school every year. This year the charity that was chosen was Children of Military Families. All of SeaTerm we have been selling raffle tickets for prizes and incentives.
Tonight in addition to the raffle tickets we will be auctioning off prizes and souvenirs like crew boiler suits, sweat shirts, a pass to skip morning formation back on campus, and no off load duties when we get back to Buzzards Bay. The highest bid went for $420.00 the for an extra day of
liberty in Key West. All of the money we raised is for a very good cause and the cadets really like the atmosphere and auction items. On the auction alone we raised about $3,100.00.
1/C Mills and 1/C Belbin,

Our jousting weigh ins were very fun, as we had all of the participants stand up in the ring for a brief introduction and to meet their opponent. Some of the favorite jousting pairs are 1/C Russo and 3/C Nowak, 1/C Weeks and 1/C Daly, 1/C Mills and 1/C Belbin, and the biggest and most important battle is 1/C Szloch and 1/C Kupeic. Everyone is very excited for the match to see who will be victorious. This is just one way we are able to have fun during our long days at sea.

Later in sea term we will be hopefully be having a talent show and a casino night.

But until then!

Jousting is a sport that consists of martial competition between two mounted knights using a variety of weapons, usually in sets of three per weapon (such as tilting with a lance, blows with the battle axe, strokes with the dagger, or strokes with a sword), often as part of a tournament.

Jousting was just one of a number of popular martial games in the Middle Ages Though the first recorded tournament was staged in 1066, jousting did not gain in widespread popularity until the 13th century.  It maintained its status as a popular European sport until the late 16th century.

The joust permitted a better display of individual skill and, although dangerous, could win large sums of money. Many knights made their fortune in these events, whilst many lost their fortune or even life. For example, Henry II of France died when a shard of his opponent's broken lance went through his visor and into his eye.

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