Monday, February 1, 2016

FTV Ziplining in Costa Rica

Hello Everyone! Day two in Costa Rica was amazing! The two excursions that the school had booked for us today were either zip lining in the rainforest or white water rafting through rapids on a mountain side in central Costa Rica. So today, I went ziplining! For one who is afraid of heights it was quite an experience.

We took a muster at 0700 in the morning and boarded a bus that drove us for about an hour into the central part of Costa Rica. Once we arrived at the facility, we were able to get fitted for gear and
learned the correct way how to zipline. We rode a tractor with a very large trailer up the side of a mountain, which brought us to our first line. I am not going to lie, I was very nervous when I first saw the line and thought to myself I have to go through 12 of these?! I did scream as the guide let go of my pulley and gave me a large push to the next platform, but it was a lot of fun! After the first few I began to get the hang of it! By line six where there was a photographer, who took a picture of me hanging upside down as I went down the whole line! It was amazing and I have never done anything like that. Unfortunately I did not get to see too much wildlife, but I still saw the beautiful rainforest and so fantastic views of Costa Rica.


Over all today was a huge success and I cannot wait to go white water rafting tomorrow!

Until then,
Watch this zipline design challenge video.    Try it yourself

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