This year’s Follow the Voyage program format will include a daily blog sent from the Cadets on board the ship. The daily blog posts will relate the ships activities as the T.S. Kennedy travels to Panama City, Puntarenas, Costa Rica, Crosses the Equator, and returns through the Panama Canal to Bonaire, and Key West Florida. With each daily blog the FTV Classroom will present topics, lessons, and classroom activities that relate to STEM curriculum. With each cadet blog we will provide matching STEM classroom activities that will bring real world concepts to your students.

Participating classrooms can log onto the Follow the Voyage website to track the ships real-time position, try some of the related problem solving activities, and learn topics similar to those being studied by the cadets on board. 

The Follow the Voyage program can be used by teachers as a large group classroom activity, or for enrichment for individual students and small groups. Additionally, students in after-school activity programs can Follow the Voyage. The daily blogs and fun activities can be used as individual STEM topic lessons, or be used as a STEM curriculum supplement. Individual students can Follow the Voyage as an at home project, a family activity, or classroom project when daily required work is completed.

If you are interested in having your school students participate in the Follow the Voyage Experience or would like a school visit from MMA Cadets, please email me at I will send you our free classroom maps and enough FTV logbooks for each of your students. In the email please include your name, school name and address, the subject and grade you teach, and the number of logbooks you would need.

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