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Alex R. Jarvis

Rank ( what does this rank mean if applicable?)

Regimental Commander
• Selected by the President, administrative staff, and student body to be 1st in command of the 1200 students in the Regiment of Cadets. Oversee training, discipline, and military smartness of the Regiment while being the figurehead at all Academy functions, student committees, and boards.

What year?


Where are you from originally?

Westminster, Massachusetts

What made you choose MMA?

MMA gives its students the opportunity to grow to their full potential as individuals and as leaders in the work force. The real life application MMA has provided me with has molded me into a confident Engineer who is ready and willing to take on any challenge. The education I have obtained regarding leadership and what it takes to be a leader is something that I will cherish for my entire life.

What area of interest?

Marine Engineering

What would you do in the field upon completion of this degree? What do people in this area do and where can they work?

As of right now I have applied to work for the Federal Government's Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). If I was selected for this job I would likely be working in Nuclear Power plants across the nation. Specifically I would be working on the safety aspects of the several engineering applications within a power plant. I also plan to apply with a company called Life Cycle Engineering. As an engineer for this company, I would be a diesel technician for Navy ships and live on land. Most cadets with this major will make their living working at sea aboard ship but for now I would like to stay on land.

What are some of the most interesting experiences, stories etc from being at MMA?

One of my most rewarding experiences at the academy was during my junior year when I held the rank of Orientation Squad Leader. During the two week long freshman indoctrination period in August, myself along with 5 other squad leaders were solely in charge of training a group of 55 "youngies". It was amazing to see the transformation as we taught them how to march, salute, wear a proper uniform, practice military courtesies and overcome some of their worst fears. This experience forced me to learn a lot about myself as a leader as well as what it takes to motivate people to do things that ordinarily they might not do.

Another great tradition we have at the academy, which we just completed last week, is the Viking Bath. Usually within the first couple weeks of December, all of the Cadet officers and squad leaders wake up the freshman in the middle of the night. We then proceed outside and go for a swim in the frigid waters of buzzards bay. This is done with safety in mind at all times and it's one of the most memorable and cherished experiences of all the cadets here at MMA.

What has been the hardest for you to get used to?

The hardest thing to get used to for me was the transformation that takes place at the end of your sophomore year here. It is at this time that you begin your leadership training and apply for leadership positions. The most difficult part about this transition is that you quickly realize how much more difficult it is to give orders than it is to follow orders. The massive amounts of responsibility and power a cadet can have here is astounding. I am currently 1st in command of just under 1200 cadets and have had this position for some time and yet I still have difficulty from time to time making the tough calls. However, I know that it has to be done for the academy to continue to thrive. The experiences and opportunities MMA has given me is invaluable and I am excited for all the new cadets who will choose to come here.

What has been your favorite experience at MMA?

My favorite experience here at MMA was definitely my freshman Sea Term on the TS Kennedy. Upon stepping foot on that vessel, uncertainty was the only thing that lay ahead of me. On my freshman cruise we went to Panama, Costa Rica and Aruba. I made so many friends during that winter and have so many great memories that I would give anything to do it all again. The friends I made my freshman year are still my friends now and most likely they will be for the rest of my life. I look forward to this years Sea Term as a senior and to see what Mexico, Barbados and Puerto Rico have to offer!

Have you participated in FTV before?

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