Tuesday, December 28, 2010

With the cadets gearing up for our 2011 voyage I have another Cadet Corner for your enjoyment. This installment is from one of our female cadets.


Katherine Maynard

First Assistant Engineer. I am in charge of Division Two along with an Assistant Chief Mate. This means I am responsible for 17 senior engineers, 24 3/c (sophomore) engineers, and 89 freshman. There are four divisions, each with a First Assistant Engineer and Assistant Chief Mate. We run the daily operations of our division depending on what rotation we are on (training, maintenance, watch, alternate).

What year?
Senior, Marine Engineer

Where are you from originally?
Chelmsford, MA

What made you choose MMA?
The regimented lifestyle appealed to me when I was coming out of high school. I also did not really know what kind of degree I wanted to pursue, but I did know I wanted to do something with engineering. MMA offered me a chance to do something different, and there is excellent job placement immediately after graduation without having to go to graduate school.

What area of interest?
I am studying Marine Engineering.

What would you do in the field upon completion of this degree? What do people in this area do and where can they work?
I will graduate with a BS in Marine Engineering and a Third Assistant Engineer License from the Coast Guard. Going out to sea is the main path for students coming out with this degree. That could mean deep sea or tugs. Some people also choose to go landside. With an engineering degree, there are a lot of possibilities for career paths. Many marine engineers end up working in the power generation field at power plants or for power companies. I would like to ship out for a couple of years and then get into alternative energy.

What are some of the most interesting experiences, stories etc from being at MMA?

One of the most interesting experiences from MMA was my commercial ship. This past summer I worked aboard the GDF Suez Neptune, a liquefied natural gas tanker operated by Hoegh LNG. The shipping experience was awesome, and I would love to work for them after graduation. It was a little hard to get used to since I had only ever been out on the Kennedy. Also, the crew were all foreign. The language barrier was not impossible since they all spoke English pretty well, but it was definitely something to get used to when I first got aboard.

What has been the hardest for you to get used to?

Mass Maritime is a struggle sometimes. It has been a tough road to make it through almost four years of this school. No one ever said it was going to be easy, but they did say it would be worth it in the end. Sometimes it is hard to see that as a first semester freshman but from where I stand as an almost graduated senior, it has been worth it to stick it out four years.

What has been your favorite experience at MMA?

One of the best experiences MMA has to offer is freshman Sea Term. It is the first time most of us get to experience life at sea. Living on a 540 ft long vessel for 50+ days with 600 people generates some interesting stories. Sports have always been a huge part of my life, and I got to continue to play here. I am a member of the Women's Soccer and Softball teams, and am co-captain of both this year. Participating in the Regiment as a squad leader last year and a senior officer this year has also been a worthwhile experience.

Have you ever participated in FTV before?


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