Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Captain's Blog 1/25/11

This morning we departed Veracruz, Mexico at 0800. Weather was good, overcast and light breezes. I suppose the weather could have been better - I kind of feel like the Cape Cod tourist that has a week of rain in August. But overall the weather was OK - a little breezy and the skies were never clear until yesterday.

So, we bid good bye to two - a cadet that had to return home due to a medical condition that would have had along recovery period under our daily routine, and our NOAA Voluntary Observer Program Manager, John Wasserman. John helped get our new NOAA Meteorologist, Rib Niemeyer up to speed the past few weeks.

Joining us are Ron Frisard and Father Jim Houston. Ron is from Chesterton Engineering and will work with our marine engineering cadets. Our shipmate for many sea terms, Father Jim Houston, our Academy Chaplain, will offer religious support to many aboard until Barbados.

One port down and our discipline cases were within predictable ranges. Let's hope that trend continues throughout the cruise.

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