Monday, November 14, 2011

FTV 11-14-2011 Finding the Way

MMA Bridge Simulator
We have had a busy two weeks here on the MMA campus, in all five middle schools from Plymouth visited our campus. On the visit we got to see the new Information Center, inside the building is an amazing Bridge Simulator, which gives the Maritime cadets real time navigation practice. The simulator is like a giant video game that teaches how to navigate a ship in any part of the worlds oceans, it felt just like a ride at Epcot Center.

The T.S. Kennedy docked at its Home Port

Next, we got to see the T.S. Kennedy, up close it looks much bigger than it the pictures. All MMA freshman cadets get to spend a semester at Sea, and then return again as upperclassmen to further their training.

After lunch we were treated to a special presentation by Admiral Gurnon and Josh Lam. They explained how ships  navigate the oceans using latitude and longitude to determine their position. They told some interesting stories about how sailors in the 1800's used the stars and a sextant to determine the latitude, and how longitude was finally formulated using a clock called a chronometer.

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For a great read, try this
Have you ever been tempted to give up because a task was difficult or seemed just impossible to do? Instead of getting frustrated, think about the life of Nathaniel Bowditch, a famous nineteenth century mathematician and navigator. When he met an obstacle in his life, he learned to “sail by an ash breeze,” a shipping term that referred to using the oars for power when there was no wind to move the ship. For Nathaniel Bowditch this meant not allowing obstacles to keep him from pursuing his dreams.

Learn more about Latitude and Longitude   

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