Thursday, November 3, 2011

FTV 11-3-2011 Follow the Voyage with ME

Follow the Voyage
               Hi, I’m Mrs. Emery                 

     I have been a science teacher for a long time.
     I use science, math, and engineering to find answers to problems.
     My new job this year is to write a blog about my trip on the T.S. Kennedy as it travels to Ecuador and the Panama Canal. On my journey, I want to learn how a big ship like the Kennedy operates, and what life on the ocean is like. When we stop in the ports, I want to explore the new environments that I find, so I can compare them to our ecosystems here at home. 

     I hope your class will read my blog and help me answer some of the problems I am trying to solve, if you try some of the experiments that the cadets will do on board you can send in your results. I will send you some photos and some interesting facts of the usual environments that I will be seeing in my travels. You can communicate with me by email, or responding to my blog.

     Join Me for a great adventure.

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