Saturday, January 21, 2012

FTV 1/21 Marine Engineering Lab

Al Gillis, Engineering Training Coordinator

The Engineering Department is in charge of performing all maintenance on the ship including cleaning and repairing of machinery, plumbing, electricity, refrigeration, and fuel oil. Engineering Training Coordinator Gillis supervises the marine engineering training of all cadets on board.  This includes 8 days in the marine training classroom, 8 days of marine maintenance duty, such as scraping the rust off and repainting the metal parts of the ship’s deck, and 8 days of engineering watch duty.
After graduation from MMA, Gillis worded for the department of defense, where he was an engineer developing systems for ships to conserve energy. He returned to MMA 12 years ago, and he is currently on  this 10th Sea Term Semester.  His favorite part the Sea Term Cruise, is getting to really know his cadets by working side by side with them every day.

Michelle Paré 2nd Refrigeration Rate

Michelle ParĂ© is from Holyoke, MA and is currently a Senior Marine Engineer on this cruise. She is the 2nd Refrigeration Rate.  She oversees the air condition and refrigeration systems along with the other Refrigeration Rates.  She also has to work on air handlers, which is the air system that runs throughout the ship. She has to make sure it is working to its full potential by constantly checking the temperatures and changing air filters.  She must complete rounds of all the systems she is responsible for, write up a report, and submit it to the 1st Assistant Engineer and the Chief Engineer.
She’s looking forward to down time once we get into port since she’s been so busy. She can’t wait to just relax on a beach with her closest friends and go zip-lining in Costa Rica!
When asked why she wanted to come to Mass Maritime, she said “I knew I wanted to go into engineering, and I thought Marine Engine would be very interesting so I went for it.  I’m glad I did it!”

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