Saturday, January 21, 2012

Captain's Blog 1/21/12

NOTE: We are having difficulties with the on board email system, and we are working with the service provider to determine the problem and the correction. Email is going out, but receiving is the problem - please be patient as we work through the problem - thank you.

I've been sitting here looking at the keyboard for five minutes and am totally empty. No words, not great experiences to relate - nothing! I know that nearly 400 cadets went on liberty yesterday, as well as majorities of the crew after their duties were finished…but I've no reports on anything. I heard a pipe (PA announcements) that the Zip Line tours were to muster on the dock at 0730...see, I'm struggling principally because everything is peaceful. Probably a condition of people hanging out in Golfito?

More tomorrow if there's something to write about.

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