Thursday, December 13, 2012

FTV 12/13/2012 MMA Cadets and their Majors- Marine Engine

Here's another interview from Alicia!

My 03 deck neighbor, and fellow Sixth Company Senior (1/C) Staff member, Kellen Nee is pursuing a Marine Engine major. He is the Sixth Company 03 Deck Platoon Leader and Disciplinary Officer. Everyday, he marches the Sixth Company freshman (4/C) platoon out onto the Parade Field at Morning Formation. As the Disciplinary Officer, Kellen determines the amount of demerits and hours of extra duty a cadet must perform at a Mast Hearing.

Question 1. In your own words, explain your major.
Answer- "The repair and understanding of the technology, requirements, maintenance, and theory of a ships propulsion plan, be it steam turbines, diesel engines and/or gas turbines."
Answer- " I plan to ship out and use my license. Eventually, I may transfer to shore side, after school is paid for. Either a power plant or state police."

MMA Marine Engineering Students on the Kennedy 

Question 2. Explain why you chose your major.
Answer- "I come from a technical background, from a technical family"

Question 3. After graduation, what do you hope to do with your degree?

Since Kellen is a senior license major at MMA, he will be participating in his final Sea Term this winter. In the spring, he will have a series of Coast Guard exams, which will lead to his license as a Third Engineer. Good luck, Kellen!

Marine engineers and naval architects are involved 
in the design, construction, and maintenance of 
ships, boats, and related equipment. They design 
and supervise the construction of everything from 
aircraft carriers to submarines, and from sailboats 
to tankers. Naval architects work on the basic 
design of ships, including hull form and stability. 
Marine engineers work on the propulsion, steering, 
and other systems of ships. Marine engineers and 
naval architects apply knowledge from a range of 
fields to the entire design and production process 
of all water vehicles. 

Play this game to test your skills as a marine engineer-
3D Boat Builder
Choose your boat, customize it, and then drive it around your desk!

Here is an lesson activity to try your skills as a marine engineer: 

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