Thursday, December 6, 2012

FTV 12/6 MMA Cadets and their Majors- MSEP

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As we get closer and closer to finals week, I was able to find some time in my shipmate's busy schedule to sit down and ask some questions about his major and how it pertains to him. Dylan Travers is a Marine Safety and Environmental Protection Junior or Second Class (2/C) Cadet at MMA, and is from Denver, Colorado. Our interview took place at our mutual tutoring spot in the Writing Resource Center.

Question 1. In your own words, explain your major.
Answer- "MSEP entials getting a practical education from the standpoint of an undergraduate program within the field of environmental protection, health and safety pertaining to  a number of different industries."

Question 2. Explain why you chose your major.
Answer- "I originally came to MMA for the Marine Transportation program, however felt at the time of a freshmen that I would rather do something involving environmental studies, problems, and solutions. This better suits me for what I want to do with my career and what I am passionate about."

Question 3. After graduation, what do you hope to do with your degree?
Answer- "I would like to get involved in the field of environmental remediation with either government in a national or state standpoint, or to address and solve environmental problems that face both the communities and the surrounding ecosystems."

As you know, Mr. Travers shares the same major with me along with the same enthusiasm for the environment. I chose MSEP because I came out of high school with a background in environmental science and technology and enjoyed every second of being out in the field. I also believe that understanding the environment and how we affect it is significant, especially looking toward the future. After graduation, I would like to work as an environmental officer on a cruise ship. I enjoy being out at sea, which is one of the reasons I took on the role as the FTV Cadet Coordinator.

More interviews to come!


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