Monday, January 14, 2013

FTV 1/14/2013 Anchors away!

Anchors away!

Well, we we're making our way to New Orleans! It was tough to say "Goodbye" for six weeks
to our families and friends, and even more so for some of the freshmen that will have no connection to land for the very first time in their lives.

Technically, our very first Sunday at Sea didn't have the weather that was quite right for the usual festivities so the only special thing for the day is that people with afternoon maintenance will had a day off. Classes and training will begin for the 4/C (4th Class freshmen cadets) tomorrow. One very interesting sight that we caught a glimpse of today was the aircraft carrier. It sailed off to our port side in the distance as a helicopter and an airplane circled around.

Today, I will be supervising a group of freshmen for "inside cleaning". Having this sort of job posted on the support bill helps us keep the ship in a livable shape. It is imperative that we keep the ship clean and disinfected so that we can keep the cadets and crew from getting sick.

I know everyone is excited that we are finally underway. It is only a matter of time until everyone has their sea legs. Oh, and don't worry, one of the mates will be preparing the satellite for the football game tonight.
Go Pats!!

Keeping the crew and cadets from getting sick is a high priority on the ship, the close quarters on the ship make it easy for viruses like the flu spread quickly. Try this activity to see how easily viruses spread

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