Tuesday, January 15, 2013

FTV 1/15/2013 Well, it is definitely a lot warmer outside!

Dr. J holds class on the ships deck
Classes have finally begun as we sail through the Sargasso Sea. The 4/C Cadets are giving their full attention to the Cadet Rates and their instructors. While some freshmen are in class, others are maintaining the ship or have watch duties. As I sit here in my hold, I can hear the needle guns forcefully vibrating the rust off of the ship. Rust is metal's weakness, and from being out on the ocean, the T.S. Kennedy's steel outside bulkheads (walls and barriers) and decks (floors) are always subject to rust.
Watch carries on even when we are out to sea.

Never is there a moment when the engine room, quarter deck, or bridge is not occupied by cadets on duty. It is my division (Division 1 out of three) that has watch right now. Each cycle is approximately 5 days. So, five days of watch, then five days of classes, then five days of maintenance, then repeat. This way, all of the basis are covered and everyone shares the workload. Tonight, it will be my job as RSDO to make sure that everyone scheduled for watch shows up for their shift from 2330 until 0730 the next morning.
It's very relaxing to take a walk outside to the fantail and take in the new weather. Some of the 3/C (sophomores) are taking some time to practice their guitar skills or just unwind in the sun.

One of my favorite things to notice when I'm out at sea is how the ocean changes; we have seen some dolphins and whales, but just the color of the water changes so drastically the further south we go.

What is the Sargasso Sea? Click here to find out, then try this activity to make an ecosystem.

When Alicia is watching the ocean changes she is making observations like a scientist. Learn more about this scientific skill.

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