Saturday, February 23, 2013

FTV 2/23/2013 The Kennedy returns home

We heard her before we saw her, The ships whistle blew as the Kennedy entered the canal in Sandwich. Minutes later the ship was pulling into her home berth at Taylor's Point. Parents and friends lined the dock with signs to welcome their cadets home. Cheerful cadets cheered at the crowd, and were glad to see their home campus in view. 

Tying up to the was the first order of business for the Deck Crew

Due to the early arrival, the cadets were unable to debark until the customs folks boarded the ship to clear each cadet for re-entry into the US. While waiting for their cadets to clear customs many parents took advantage of the coffee and breakfast treats provided by the Academy. It was a nice warm place to wait and anticipate seeing their kids return after their completion of SeaTerm 2013.

Once the customs personnel release the cadets the offloading process will begin.

Welcome Home Alicia

Captain Bushy made the decision to return one day early based on the prediction of severe winter weather for Sunday. Here is a copy of the weather map he used. Can you interpret the symbols on the map which warned him of the storm? If not try these weather map activities to learn how.
Reading a Weather Map
Weather Map Symbols

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