Saturday, February 22, 2014

FTV February 22

Yesterday I told you about the material covered by MSEP and the EM classes taught to the fourth class Cadets during SeaTerm. Today I will talk about the International Maritime Business classroom where the fourth class cadets are learning basic business concepts of simple supply and demand techniques, business related computer software, and how to build a resume as it relates to the Marine Shipping Industry.

The International Maritime Business (IMB) major prepares graduates to enter the maritime shipping and transportation industry as a business professional. The program includes elements of international business, logistics, and transportation. The undergraduate major in International Maritime Business consists of courses spanning cross the business disciplines and from the global business of shipping. Successful completion of these courses leads to a Bachelor of Science in International Maritime Business. Through academic coursework, students learn the concepts and principles of international maritime business. They then apply this learning in a professional context during sea-term and cooperatives/internships. Based upon that experience, students then improve and adapt their understanding of the concepts and theories of today’s International Marine Business World.

Students who are interested in business will find that Careers in Maritime Business are growing and expanding. There is currently a high demand for maritime business professionals. The industry not only offers high salaries, but also gives an opportunity for one to advance quickly. This is not an industry that belongs to any one country, but is a truly global one. In this industry it is also important to be exposed to different cultures, languages and information technologies. It does not matter whether one is from Belarus or China or India or the US…..this is one global industry.

The world of International Marine Business has grown so large and plays such an important role in our global economy that in June 2008, Mr. Robert Somerville, Chairman and CEO of American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), and the Directors of American Bureau of Shipping generously donated $3,060,000 to build The American Bureau of Shipping Information Commons on the MMA campus. This cutting-edge building began operations in September 2011, as not only the campus library, but a training and research space.

Follow the Voyage Classroom

 Since we will be sailing through their home state of Delaware today, we wanted to give a shout out to Ms Aviola and her students at New Castle Elementary School, New Castle, Delaware, who emailed us on board ship about how much they were enjoying FTV. Ms Aviola said her students are learning a lot from the FTV blog posts and the supplemental activities attached to the posts.  They’re very interested in the day to day activities aboard the TS Kennedy and they LOVE tracking the ship on the maps you sent them.  We are very grateful that MMA is sharing this valuable learning experience with our students.

We would love photos from you doing FTV activities to post on the blog. That goes for any other 2014 FTV Classroom.

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