Sunday, February 23, 2014

FTV February 23 - Arrival Day!

Yesterday morning the T.S. Kennedy awoke to frigid temperatures off the Atlantic coast. Since departing Miami the cadets have been slowly bringing their warm clothing back out from storage, and onto their bodies. On our last full day at sea before returning to Buzzards Bay the entire ship took part in field day. Unlike grade school when field day meant a day full of excitement and games, the field day we conduct is a day full of cleaning. This full day of cleaning is very important to the overall condition of the ship because if we did not do it, the ship would be left a mess. Cadets do not mind this though because they are too busy thinking about how excited and anxious they are to get home to see their families, just as I am.

As I mentioned in one of my blogs after leaving Columbia, Father Jim Houston, the Academy’s Chaplain, joined our ship for the rest of the voyage. Father Jim is more than accommodating and will provide services for any religion. Every night since we have left Columbia and except for port time there is a Catholic Mass held at 1930 in the Seatorium, The Seatorium is our ship’s version of an auditorium. The ship has welcomed Father Jim with open arms and we were very happy to have his company for the second half of our voyage.

Earlier this week, the students and faculty members who participated in the One Boat One Book Project by reading the book Life of Pi watched the movie together. It was a great turn out, many more people had read the book than I had anticipated, after we watched the movie together, we discussed whether we liked the book or movie better. Most people sided with saying the book was better, that’s what I chose, even though the movie was still good.

In several of the blogs we have talked about the two major large group meeting spots on the Kennedy, the Helo Deck and the Seatorium. Click here for the ship tour website and see if you can locate on which deck these two locations are.  Can you remember what we did at each location?

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