Monday, February 24, 2014

FTV February 24

When the Kennedy arrived at its home on Taylor's Point yesterday it was greeted by cheering families, friends and well wishers waiting to see the cadets they had left here on January 12th.  The cadets spent a beautiful 40 degree morning anchored in Cape Cod Bay, waiting for the tides to be favorable for the home port arrival at 1600. They completed a full ship field day, cleaning all kinds of spaces that are used extensively throughout the cruise, and although cleaned daily, the need that special attention at the end of the trip.   After a whole day of cleaning the cadets had covered every square inch of our massive ship, it seems impossible to do in one day, but when you have 600 cadets you can complete a lot of work quickly. Captain Bushy found the ship to look good, on deck and below.  Finally, the cadets were released from the ship to reunite with their families.
Here are some photos of the day...Welcome back cadets and crew!

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