Monday, January 19, 2015


19 January 2015

Wow, how about them Patriots! So we have a showdown in Phoenix with the Seahawks!

Our problems persist with Direct TV Latin America, where they elect to not provide any NFL – so all day yesterday I was asked about the game, and I shrugged and said unlikely.  But, rumors and small facts do permeate into the cadet world, and the topic of our Ship’s Internet connection was discussed. Via satellite it is cost prohibitive and only used for emergency use (such as the doctor researching a sick patient’s symptoms). We also have a cellular phone cradle point that provides very limited bandwidth internet via the cell towers – designed for ship’s business while in port. So, I was not forthcoming with solutions to the black out.

 But at about 1800 I heard the cadets were watching the Seahawks game down in the Mess Deck. Then before the Patriots game I heard they had set up a sheet screen, and were projecting the game on the Helo Deck. It was awesome – and as far as I know they managed the technology all by themselves via a 4G mobile device, a lap-top computer, a projector and an amplifier.  Good for them!
As we older folks know, if you can’t figure out the TV remote, ask your grandchild!

So, we departed Mayaguez this morning to a beautiful Caribbean day. We'll steam a slow rate on our way to St. Thomas, due to arrive on Friday.

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