Tuesday, January 20, 2015

FTV "Outside Rate” one dirty job!

1/c Justin Warner, 3rd Outside Rate 1/c Paul Cullen, 3rd Outside Rate Use their Snakes to clear out clogs.
The title of “Outside Rate” is a dirty job that would challenge the likes of TV's Dirty Jobs Host, Mike Rowe. Most days are spent clearing clogs, fixing plumbing issues, and tending to the odds and ends jobs that need to get done. Each day starts with resolving issues in the trouble log, which can bring you anywhere on the ship.

The trouble log is a three-ring binder that is available to everyone on the ship to write in problems or issues they may have encountered. Again, it could be a heating/cooling issue, leaky faucet, a light bulb that needs to be replaced, and the list goes on. With 700 or so people on board, it could be just about  something they want looked at by the engineers.

The Kennedy's six Outside Rates split between three divisions with two cadets in each division. Each day we do our jobs with a smile on our faces knowing we are helping out our shipmates - even though we know the day may usually end up being a “dirty job.”

Sewage waste management is very important to keeping our environment healthy. We make sure that our ships sewage waste does not hurt the ecosystems in the ocean environment. Before dumping the sewage from our toilets, it must be processed in our MSD systems to kill bacteria before it is returned to the sea, when we are in port the treated waste is pumped out into waste containers.

The discharge of raw sewage into the sea can create a health hazard. the discharge of sewage into the sea from ships also contributes to marine pollution. Sewage leads to the decomposition of organic matter that in turn leads to a change in biodiversity. Even if the ocean’s ecosystem isn't destroyed entirely, it is still changed drastically, and usually not for the better. - See more 

Learn more about biodiversity in this Ocean Observations Biodiversity Video

Bird Island: What is Biodiversity?
You will develop definitions of biodiversity and related terms through graphical analysis of fictional bird populations.

Using the Introducing Biodiversity student sheet, you can use the Biodiversity is the rich variety of life on Earth interactive website to gain a basic understanding of biodiversity, why it is important, and the problems that threaten our ecosystems (and the quality of life on earth). 

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