Friday, January 16, 2015


16 January 2015

The Captain’s Log went missing yesterday – sometimes things come up that move to the front burner, and move the log back. In times like that I know the readers can rely upon other reports and activities on Follow the Voyage. My apologies however.

Yesterday was the fourth consecutive day with rain – stuck in a weather pattern that was moving in the same direction at us, and apparently at about the same speed. I would not even venture to guess how much rain we experienced, but I know if we were in Boston there would have been flash flood warnings daily.

When this happens a few inconvenient effects take place – deck maintenance comes
to a halt, and celestial navigation is impossible. The lost deck maintenance hurts because we only have so many days during the sea term, which represents about 90% of the work we plan annually.

As for navigation, our First Class Deck cadets suffer because they have a directed amount of work to complete – regardless of the days celestial observations are possible. Now they will have to work harder, taking more of their recreational time and dedicate it to navigation.

But the engineers always have sun shine down in the Engine Room. This morning things are looking up. The sun rose through a small cluster of cumulus clouds, and the sky appears to only have about 20% cloud cover. This ought to make the Mate and the Deck cadets happy!

Tomorrow morning we will arrive off Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. This small bay on the western end of Puerto Rico has been our “go-to” anchor drill port for years. A relatively easy approach, one 45 degree turn and drop the hook. The First Class deck cadets will form a team of navigators, radar observers and deck gang – and do the whole operation themselves. Of course there will be an
instructor and a licensed officer for supervision, but it is one of the most effective training experiences the deckies get while aboard.

So, off to enjoy some nice weather for change as I meander about the ship.

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