Friday, January 16, 2015

FTV On Supply Duty

1/c Damon Gralinski Hadley, MA  3/c Ryan Molokie Atlantic Highlands, NJ 3/c Tim Forgione South Brunswick, and NJ 3/c Martin CamPanama, PAN

Today we worked as supply rates, one of the cadet's maintenance duties. At morning formation we were assigned the supply locker and began by taking inventory for all the cadet berthing spaces.This meant we went through each cadet hold (living space) and made note of which spaces needed more supplies such as toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning solution, mops, sanitizer, etc.

After completing inventory, we then set off for 2-Hold. This is the forward part of the ship where all the supplies are kept (and distributed to the smaller distributions stations). We split into teams to deliver and re-stock the berthing areas leaving one cadet behind to hand-out supplies to individual cadets on day work.

Inventory and delivery of cadet berthing areas are completed daily to ensure cadets are properly equipped with all the supplies they will need and as we have come to learn, TP is a coveted necessity! We made sure to stock the holds with what they need and then some.

Supply locker is an important job on the ship and while we may have different duties tomorrow, we have learned that no matter how big or small of the task, every job is important for everyone to work together and make the ship run smoothly.

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