Saturday, January 17, 2015

FTV The Engine Control Room

From Main Engine Controls 1/c Zach Foley, Sandwich, MA

The heart of the TS Kennedy consists of two D-type water tube express type boilers.Each boiler develops steam in its corresponding steam drum which is super-heated afterwards. The super-heated steam, at 850-degrees F and 600 PSI travels through a main steam stop and a bulkhead stop eventually reaching an ahead and astern throttle. The throttles supply steam to two cross-compound turbines, one high-pressure and one low-pressure. Both turbines are attached to a double-input and single-output main reduction gear which rotates the shaft and propeller. 

A turbine is similar to a fan and when the steam passes through the turbine it will begin to rotate. Connected to the turbine is a long shaft, which is then connected to the propeller. When the turbine rotates so does the propeller causing the ship to move. After the steam goes through the turbine it will be recollected and condensed back into water to be reused again. The process of transforming from water into steam, then back to water is known as the steam cycle.  Throughout this cycle there are many pieces of equipment that play specific roles in an efficient steam cycle. The steam cycle is the most important system in the engine because every other system is based off of the steam cycle.

This video from the engine room explains how the engine room cadets monitor the boilers safety controls to assure a smooth and safe trip. 


We've Got The Power Power can be generated in a variety of ways.
Each method has its economic, environmental, and physical advantages and disadvantages.

Carefully try this Activity Soda Can Steam Engine |

All about  Energy Transformations

Energy conversions typically involved in the operation of a steam engine are conversion of chemical energy (in fuels) to thermal energy, conversion of thermal energy to mechanical energy (by increasing the motion of water molecules), and sometimes conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy (in the case of an electric generator).

All Steamed Up  Can you identify and describe the energy conversions involved in the operation of a
steam engine like the T.S. Kennedy?

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