Thursday, February 12, 2015


12 February 2015

I ought to read the Plan of the Day, that I sign every day – today is training day 20! Yesterday I said it was 21, I was two days ahead of myself. So, that means we have four days of training after Fort Lauderdale, one exam day and then the Captain’s Field Day.

We have an exciting addition to the Helo Deck for our guests this weekend – the Patriot’s Logo emblazoned upon the Helo Deck. We have painted that on before, but this year there is a challenging phrase with it – I'll let you wait to hear about it from others. I am sure the pictures will fly off the
ship once the cell phones connect early tomorrow morning.

There’s a strange sense of happiness aboard today. I guess it is probably because of our port call tomorrow. I know that between two ports and two anchorings this cruise, we seem to be in port allot, but we are really about one-day short of our usual amount of liberty days. Anchoring in Mayaguez isn't a port call because everything continues – watch, maintenance and training. So tomorrow’s port call will be welcomed for the cadets after nine days at sea. We dock tomorrow at 0830 in Berth 4 – this is a change – so please make a note if trying to view the ship docking.

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