Friday, February 13, 2015

FTV International Maritime Business Classroom

Guest Blogger 4/c Joe Pelsoneni Hingham, MA

As a 4th class cadet (freshman) seeking a career in Marine Business, I was excited to learn about the opportunities available upon graduation. In class today we learned a variety of aspects of the business world – specifically, supply and demand, ship brokerage, the business of shipping, organizational management, and even teamwork and conflict resolution.

The Business rates taught the importance of internships and the benefits of networking. A high point of the day was hearing the first hand stories of their experiences – especially those who were in the Chinese exchange program. Regardless of what major a cadet chooses, the lessons learned in this introduction to IMBU are ones will carry through our careers.

Click to learn more about the International Maritime Business Program at Massachusetts Maritime Academy
The International Maritime Business (IMB) major prepares graduates to enter the maritime shipping and transportation industry as a business professional. The program includes elements of international business, logistics, and transportation. The undergraduate major in International Maritime Business consists of courses spanning cross the business disciplines and from the global business of shipping.
Students who are interested in business will find that Careers in Maritime Business are growing and expanding. There is currently a high demand for maritime business professionals. The industry not only offers high salaries, but also gives an opportunity for one to advance quickly. This is not an industry that belongs to any one country, but is a truly global one. In this industry it is also important to be exposed to different cultures, languages and information technologies. It does not matter whether one is from Belarus or China or India or the US…..this is one global industry.

Hands-On Activities for Teaching Supply and Demand

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