Wednesday, February 4, 2015


3 February 2015

The KENNEDY departed San Juan this morning under partly cloudy skies, warm temperatures and light airs. Just a simple back down with the assistance of one tractor tug, then with the help of the tug and our bow thruster, KENNEDY spun around to port and headed out to sea.

The port visit was successful in that we switched out the 4/C cadets as planned, and with as little fanfare as was possible. The anxiety of bad weather in New England was reserved for the friends and families flying home as we departed, to freezing rain and closed airports.  Sorry they are facing that, but better for us to get the switch-out accomplished.

We conducted a full fire and boat drill, as is required by US Coast Guard regulations when 25% of the crew changes – but more importantly than complying with regulations – is knowing the new 4/C can report properly and know their jobs.  This afternoon we did the annual pyrotechnic exercise, when we demonstrate the why, how and what to do with signaling equipment – and the line-throwing device.  Sometimes a little humorous when a cadet sends a parachute flare straight into the sea, or blasts one off and it travels “ahead” of the ship – and we wonder where it will land!  I would say at least 50 cadets were allowed to personally handle hand held, parachute flares and orange smoke
canisters.  Four 1/C cadets were required to shoot the line throwing device – so it was a successful demonstration to the other 500+ cadets sitting on the Helo Deck.

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