Thursday, February 5, 2015

FTV Chartwell's Feeds the SeaTerm Cadets and Crew

I sat down with Chef Jim this morning and he was kind enough to share how Chartwells keeps the Cadets and Crew well fed. The food staff provides three meals a day, and provides 24/7 snack availability.

For this cruise they will supply:

4,800 dz cookies, thats about 57,000 cookies to be baked, and eaten ! 

2,800 loaves of white bread for sandwiches and toast.
800 dz danish
1,600 dz cinnamon sticks/rolls
585, 5-gal jugs of milk (whole, 2%, & skim)
2,200 lbs of chicken thigh meat (deboned)
90-cases of apples (125 apples/case)
80-cases of oranges (113 oranges/case)
55, 50-lb bags of "chef" potatoes (these are the big whites ones)
52, 50-lb bags of red potatoes
160, 3-gal tubs of ice cream (it will be gone by the time we get back!)
2100 lb cases of peanut butter
+850 steaks (for Sunday at Sea cookout)
500 lbs of brisket & ~500 lbs of ribs for the second Sunday at Sea  cookout
200 cases of cereal each weighing 12 lbs each
320, 10-lb cases of chicken patties
8,640 hamburger buns 
Fresh produce

On the Chartwell's staff is Juvie, who has been baking great breads, rolls, and deserts from scratch to supplement the baked goods included above. Juvie has baked his way through many SeaTerms, and is considered an essential participant by both cadets and crew staff. Thanks a million, Juvie 
The Chartwell's crew will do more food shopping at each Port to bring back fresh produce and local products for each leg of the trip. As we leave Puerto Rico, we are well stocked until Ft Lauderdale.

How do the living quarters, communications, food and health issues of a 19th century oceanographic expedition compare to that of a modern expedition?

Cruise ships are known for their abundance of food. The US Department of Agriculture estimates that the average person in the United States eats ½ pound of meat, 1.6 pounds of dairy products, .2 pounds of fats and oils, .8 pounds of fruits, .7 pounds of vegetables, .5 pounds of grains, and .4 pounds of sugars per day for a total of 4.7 pounds of food per day.
Calculate how many pounds of food were necessary for all of those days and all of those people
while the Triumph was at sea ... at a minimum.

A Sailor’s Diet in Weights and Measures activity

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