Tuesday, January 5, 2016

FTV Here they Come, Ready for Duty

Welcome aboard the Training Ship Kennedy! Today we had a successful day of bring aboard just about 715 cadets, faculty, and ship staff. Out of those 715 there are 597 cadets ranging from first class, third class, and fourth class deckies and engineers. We were able to get everyone onboard and accounted for at around 1300 today. It was truly a well-executed task today.

Checking in
At around 0630 we had a few of our fourth class cadets checking in in the Harrington building, where they stowed their sea bags, received their sign in bracelets, billet cards, and waited for their check in meeting with Captain Bushy at 0800.

Bags stowed
Captain Bushy 0800 meeting

After the check in process was complete we had the fourth class cadets venture over from Admiral’s Hall to the ship where they were went down to their holds and started to unpack. Everyone had until 1300 to get their racks (bunk beds) made, bags unpacked, and ready for our 1300 musters (attendance call) in their respective locations depending on what divisions they are in. Muster was quick and cadets were then assigned the tasks of cleaning, carrying out ship maintenance, or standing watch.

Finding my Bunk

We ended the day with our first evacuation drill off of the ship at 1600, where everyone must stop what they are doing and exit the ship onto land. The purpose of this drill is so that if there were a fire or emergency onboard the ship while we are tied along shore we would know what to do and where to go so that everyone can be accounted for.
Evacuation Drill

Finally the “work day” had came to an end (the ship’s work days are from 0800 to 1600) so all of the cadets could be free to do whatever they wanted to do aboard the ship.
A long and busy day

Tomorrow everyone will be loading the ship with stores and food! Stay tuned!

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