Wednesday, January 6, 2016

FTV On Loading the Kennedy

On loading is always everyone's least favorite day. This time was no different, it was cold, snowy and windy. Cadets are lifting heavy boxes all day long. But working as a team, side by side with friends the cadets turned it into good times by working with each other.

At 0700 Division 1 started the on loading process. Truck after truck was lined up on Academy Drive with pallet after pallet of food.

On loading process
As the pallets were being off loaded from the trucks there were cadets on stand by preparing the pallets to be picked up by the cranes. The cranes would lower down and then pick up the large amounts of food supplies to be loaded into the dry storage room.

Cranes lift pallets on board

Securing the palettes to the crane
Lowering palettes into the dry storage room 
This opening goes through several decks of the ship
Thirty five more cadets made up a human conveyor belt to move the food to where it needed to go. Whether it was in to the enormous freezer or on to a shelf the room that would be filled by the end of today. 
Moving food to the freezer
The gangway chain gang
Not only were there human conveyor belts inside, but there were also 30 to 40 cadets who ranged from the pier, up a gangway, onto the ship, into a refrigerator where all of the food that would be used in the near future or that can not be frozen. 

This was a long day for both Divisions 1&2 who started the on loading process, but a necessity to all cadets and staff who will be living aboard the TS Kennedy for the next 52 days. 

credit to  Tor Johannessen 
See technology at work,

This aerial picture was taken by Tor Johannessen with a camera attached to the crane.

Try these activities to learn more about the science and technology of  loading a ship.


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