Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cadet Corner


I wanted to take the time to introduce a new portion of our blog. It is called Cadet Corner. This week we are shinning our lantern on Rory O'Donnell. Enjoy the interview!

Rory O'Donnell

Cadet Chief Mate- Highest ranking Marine Transportation Student, In charge of a staff of 33 Deck Officers, Help plan the sea term 2011 with Master and Mates, Coordinator of at sea fire response team (Fire Party). Working along side the Chief Mate to ensure daily operations of Sea Term runs smoothly.

What year?

Senior, Graduating this Spring!!!!!!!!!

Where are you from originally?

Somerset MA

What made you choose MMA?

MMA was the only school I applied to. They had a regimented life style and great job placement. My mother's cousin had gone here graduated Marine Engine and started his own business, he's now a multi millionaire. Above all else, I love to travel.

What area of interest?

Marine Transportation more commonly called Deck. The only major anyone should go.

What would you do in the field upon completion of this degree? What do people
in this area do and where can they work?

Three sheets to the wind, put me on the ocean.
I will graduate with my Third Mate's Unlimited Licence.
I want to be on ships traveling the ocean, not tugs. I did an internship with a company called Hoegh. It was one of the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) carriers that comes into Boston. I would give my left arm to work for them.

Natural Gas is a Fossil Fuel widely used by most countries, the tankers go anywhere from Singapore to England, Black Sea to the Gulf of Mexico.

What are some of the most interesting experiences, stories etc from being at

Most interesting experience would be meeting new people. Especially my best friends. Going on Cruise my freshmen year I was lucky enough to get together with three other cadets from my company. We hung out everyday, ate dinner together, told jokes and talked about life under the stars at night. They are still my best friends and will undoubtedly be in my wedding party, hopefully thats not too close in the future.

Learning that football (soccer) is the language of the universe. On my commercial ship the world cup had just started, USA was playing England the day I climbed aboard. First thing I did was find the TV, when I found out we had a Satellite. Turns out all of the officers were watching the game. Few words exchanged during the game and I was part of the family. We even played in the engine room every day at 1600. An average temperature of 96 can't stop the love of The Beautiful Game.

What has been the hardest for you to get used to?

Adapt and overcome has been my motto since Freshmen year. What ever you were used to before hand if upside down and running sideways. I feel like I adapted well to the school. A few hiccups through out the way, so you have to learn to just roll with the punches. Freshmen year was very tough for me. I had papers signed to go to another school. Sea Term kept me here. If I didn't go on cruise I would not be here now. Finding the smallest goods throughout the day can turn you around, of course friends having your back is essential.

What has been your favorite experience at MMA?

There are a few to put in the books. Freshmen year sea term in Panama with my best friends. We got a taxi driver that would take us around the entire day for just 20 bucks each. He knew all the local spots. He brought us to the side of the Panama Canal where we could watch the ships leave the locks. It was the greatest time of my life.

Getting MASCAC Champion in Triple Jump Freshmen and Junior year.

Being an Orientation Squad Leader was possibly the most rewarding experience of my life. It's harder the second time around, less sleep and learning to be 4-5 steps ahead of yourself and especially your youngies. Once you operate on 4 hours of sleep for 2 straight weeks, suddenly nothing else seems so bad.

Have you participated in FTV before?
I'm a newbie. Looking forward to it. So is my mother...

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