Saturday, January 1, 2011

Captain's Blog 1/1/11

Time, never enough! Each year when we prepare to activate the Kennedy – it seems a different problem arises. Last year we were fighting to put the finishing touches on an $8 million dollar conversion project – this year we fight the calendar. Because New Year’s Day, today, is on the weekend, we have been forced to bring in all the ship’s crew and cadet officers this day. It was all set for 0800 for everyone, but the cadet officers appealed to me to at least allow them some morning travel time on New Year’s Day. So, I relented – probably remembering when I was that age, and set the muster time at 1200.

There still looked to be some blurry faces out in the mess deck when I gave them their safety briefing at 1300.

We lighted off the boilers this morning with the assistance of some cadet officers that arrived early – thanks to Cade Chief Andrew Willard who organized the check-in of cadet engineers.

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