Monday, January 24, 2011

Captain's Blog 1/24/11

While the Patriots are off playing golf now, our interests in the football playoffs may be lowered, but many are pleased that the Jets failed to advance. So, we are definitely routing for the Steelers over the Cheese heads. We haven't forgotten '97 in New Orleans!

Our email reports from home are loaded with frigid numbers 10 degree highs, -30 wind chills. I personally really dislike that kind of weather, so being aboard in January and February suits me. I know my family are hardened New Englanders, and they accept it as part of winter, but for me, I'm chilled just thinking about it.

It's quiet in Veracruz. It's Monday so the day workers aboard are back at it. The duty Division are not only standing the watches, but the needle guns and chipping hammers are providing a rhapsody of tones, mainly loud, as I work on my daily reports. Tomorrow we'll be underway again, heading toward Mayaquez, Puerto Rico.

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