Saturday, January 29, 2011

FTV 1/29/11

During our voyage, all of the senior and sophomore cadets studying Marine Engineering and Marine Transportation have assessments to complete. These assessments are designed to test the knowledge of the cadets as to whether or not they are retaining the information provided and can perform the tasks required. These assessments also signify that the cadet understands the material that will be required upon entering the field of their choice after graduation.

For example, sophomore Marine Transportation students recently had an assessment on chart selection. This involved picking the proper charts for a voyage. One would think that just any chart of the area would work. Exactly the opposite in fact, some charts are a larger scale showing smaller areas but greater detail. In other cases smaller scale show larger areas. The sophomores are tasked with picking the proper charts for the voyage.

For the assessment to be complete, they needed to choose at least 10 correct charts out of the 14 possible correct options. The answers for the assessment come from the officer who is someone that has mastered the field and topic. For cadet engineers, one of their assessments could be tracing out one of the systems in the engine room.

One of these systems could be the main steam cycle. This assessment would involve an engineer telling the assessor about the system as they followed each part from the beginning to the end. These assessments can be challenging as they are designed to make sure that every student that receives a Coast Guard license is competent in their field.

During the regular semester, some courses for license majors require assessments to be done along with the course as well.
Looking forward, tomorrow is Sunday at sea. Everyone is eager for a nice day off which will be sure to involve sleeping in, good food, and great fun.


What does STCW stand for?
How many Navigation labs are there on the T.S. Kennedy?
What is the Steam Cycle?

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