Sunday, January 9, 2011

FTV 1/9/11

Good evening everyone,

       As I write this the Kennedy is sailing off the shores of Newport,
RI. There was a huge turnout today as all the families that could make it
came to see their sons or daughters depart Buzzards Bay. The ship set
sail around 1230 and has been performing some casual rolling ever since.
It's pleasurable to know that we are making headway, and actually moving
after a week alongside. Everyone is finding their sea legs this afternoon
and breathing in the sea air.

Tonight at 1900 the holds are going to be inspected by the senior
staff. Everyone is doing their part to clean, making sure their stuff
is off the deck and their racks are tight.  The licensed major cadets
(marine engine and marine transportation) are looking forward to
going into their training and classes tomorrow, and the training
rates for each of the non license majors (Marine Safety Environmental
Protection, Emergency management, and International Maritime
Business) prepare to train the 4/c cadets with some of the knowledge
that they have learned throughout their time at MMA

The admissions department has left Josh and me with some fancy new
cameras and recording devices.  I will be going around the ship
tomorrow and taking pictures and videos of everyone in action as they
go about their duties on board.

Today's Questions:

1. What 3 states occupy the Delmarva Peninsula?

2. The Kennedy will pass through the Graveyard of the Atlantic overnight. Where is this area located and how many ships has it claimed in the past 500 years?

3. The Kennedy has travelled roughly 285 miles in the last 26 hours. Calculate their average speed.

1/c Nicholas Lauria and 3/c Joshua Lamm
FTV coordinators

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