Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome to Follow the Voyage

Welcome to Follow the Voyage 2011. Unfortunately due to medical reasons our previous FTV Coordinator will not be able to go on this years cruise. I am 3/c Joshua Lamm and joining me will be my shipmate 1/c Nicholas Lauria. Nicholas and I will be this years Follow the Voyage Coordinators.

I am a sophomore Marine Transportation student originally from North Andover, MA. Recently I was the Assistant to the Director of Orientation and managed the blog online for Orientaton 2011. During the past semester I was a cadet blogger in which I blogged about daily life as a cadet at MMA. Check it out here! I chose MMA for the regiment and of course the sea.

1/c Nicholas Lauria from Peabody, MA is Marine Safety and Environmental Protection student. He decided to come to MMA after hearing his dad's stories as a yacht captain. Originally he was interested in Marine Transportation, but always had a passion for the science studies. After his freshmen sea term he left behind his dreams of becoming a ship captain and decided to pursue a more science based safety and environmental major. As a FTV coordinator he looks forward to keeping the MMA community in touch with their loved ones as they embark on this training journey.

Our goal for FTV is to teach Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to school groups that will be following our blog. These STEM topics will be brought upon in a fun way to help students learn about our travels at sea as well each of the exotic ports we stop at. To incorporate STEM in a exciting way we will be posting daily photos, questions, and lessons. The FTV blog will also include cadets contributing about the daily life aboard the T.S Kennedy.

Don't forget that our ship will be making port in Vera Cruz, Mexico; Bridgetown, Barbados; and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Nicholas and I will blog from port and make sure that all of those who are following our voyage will feel like they are right there with us.

Until Next Time,
1/c Nicholas Lauria and 3/c Joshua Lamm
FTV Coordinators

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