Thursday, February 10, 2011

Captain's Blog 2/10/11

We docked in Old San Juan this morning - quite breezy outside the harbor, but very nice once alongside. Our pilot was a graduate of Maine Maritime Academy, and was great working with the deck watch coming in. As a matter of fact, he extended the opportunity for additional deck cadets to "ride" with him over the next few days. Of course the opportunities were snapped up like tickets to Fenway - and I know they will learn more on that one day with a pilot then they will learn on our bridge all cruise.

Our berthing assignment in Old San Juan is the premier dock - right on the Plaza Darcenas - where some of the footage in the Martin Short's movie "Captain Ron" was filmed. The old port has restaurants, famous ones like the Parrot, and not-so famous ones with great local food. A short cab ride or a bus ride will take anyone to the Condato and Santurce regions of San Juan with world-class hotels and wonderful beaches.

We were cleared in record time by the local Customs and Border Patrol - less than one hour to visibly check 692 passports. So, by 1100 this morning the waves of crew and cadets were walking up the dock into a great experience.

We were met by Vice President of Student Services Ed Rozak, and one of his staff, Eddie Pinero, who will assist in the high school visitations on Saturday. We will bid farewell to our Chief Steward, Fritz Fritzinger as he heads north to prep his campus team for the spring semester.

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