Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Captain's Blog 2/1/11

I was having breakfast and searching my mind for a topic for today's log - the weather seems to be a redundant topic now - the cadet's routine is well known - and no festivities or activities outside of the ordinary to report. So, what to do...?

I step out of the ladder way on the Cabin Deck and there is a long line of cadets - presumably waiting to talk to the Second Mate - who is directly astern of me. I catch a 4/c cadet image in my eye that isn't quite right - nice clean boiler suit (not that too unusual), but he is wearing sneakers. Bright white, new sneakers. Now that is both unusual, and out of the standard work uniform. So, I ask innocently - "Where are your work boots?" and the reply came back, "One fell in the ocean, Sir."

I stop, back down a little; this is a story I have to hear. "I was on the Helo deck, and I wanted to kick off my boots as I relaxed in the sun, and well, I guess I kicked a little too hard, and it fell in." "You mean you kicked your boot into the Caribbean Sea?" I counter. "Yes, sir, you could say that". First time I ever heard that one. Funny, but his poor Uxbridge toes are now in harm's way! I'm sure a shipmate will take care of him.

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