Sunday, February 20, 2011

Captain's Blog 2/20/11

Last night Chartwell's Dining Services layed out an unbelievable dinner spread - Crabmeat Stuffed Sole, Shrimp Scampi, and Prime Rib. The meat was carved to about one inch slices, and it was tender beyond belief. The meal was finished off with pies - apple, pecan and blueberry and tons of ice cream. A great send off to the cadets and crew. Thank you Bob and Jim and the whole galley crew!

Our morning was a little stress-filled as we wondered about the wind, but once the pilots arrived aboard we were given a green light by the Army Corps of Engineers to dock. Captain Sean Bogus (MMA 1999) worked in piloting us through the Canal, and Captain Howie McVay (MMA 1978) docked the ship in the slip. Captain Arthur Fournier and three of his tugs provided the push and pull to work Kennedy into the slip - and we were all done. Sea Term 2011 ended at exactly the same place it started.

We brought home exactly the number of cadets that we sailed with - and the crew actually grew by two. So, no major injuries, no serious illnesses, no dischargeable discipline cases and no plain old 'I wanna quit' departures took place. That is a measure of a successful sea term I think. I do know that it is only possible by the joined effort of all the ship's crew, and the 1/C cadet leadership - planning, planning and executing the voyage plan. My thanks go out to all those cadets and crew, and my best wished to all the cadets that completed the sea term.

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