Tuesday, February 15, 2011

FTV 2/15/11

San Juan, Puerto Rico is now behind us. As we watched the last piece of land disappear over the horizon, the chatter over the last day in port filled the air. Soon after, thoughts of home and loved ones took over. Everyone is excited to return home after a long time at sea. We still have to get home first before we can get off the ship. It will take us all the way until February 20th to get to Buzzards Bay. Until then, everyone has jobs to do.

The usual cycle of watch, alternate, maintenance and training will still be occurring. In addition to that, final exam day and field day are the last two days of sea term. Field day is when the entire ship is cleaned and prepared for our arrival in Buzzards Bay. This week, we will be having Casino Night in the mess deck. Casino Night is a chance for cadets to gamble. These cadets aren't gambling their money away, but are gambling for other things instead. Prizes will include gift cards, gift packages, regimental perks, and arrival privileges. One of these arrival privileges is being first off the ship in Buzzards Bay. Some of the games involved will be roulette, blackjack, and poker. Everyone is excited for a fun night of games, laughs, and good times.


Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, what is the most recent territory turned state of the United States?

Our propeller has a pitch of 22.9 which means the ship moves 22.9 feet with every turn. If we ignore outside forces how many feet do we travel in 24 hours at a constant speed of 55 rpm's?

How many nautical miles did we travel in the previous question? (Hint: 1 nautical mile = 6076.1 feet)

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