Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cadet Blog 1/11/12

The T.S. Kennedy is now officially in Charleston, SC. We are currently 'bunkering' in Charleston Harbor. Bunkering is when the ship takes on fuel. For a rough estimate, 1 barrel of fuel equals 1 nautical mile. We will stay here until the ship is all fueled up and is ready to go. Then soon we will be on our way to transit through the Panama Canal.

The cadets are easing into their routine and getting used to living with at the most 80 other people in one hold. Freshmen are beginning to realize why back at school there are so many musters and inspections. At sea musters are important because accountability needs to be known at all times and inspections are to make sure that their holds are clean, since cleanliness helps stop the spread of germs.

It is also a very exciting day because today is the first day we have cell phone service since we left Buzzards Bay. Be expecting some phone calls from your cadets!

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