Thursday, January 19, 2012

Captain's Blog 1/19/12

After enduring the strong trade winds of the Atlantic and Caribbean just a few days ago, it is wonderful to wake up to 3 knots of light airs, and a smooth ocean with only a hint of a swell. I guess this is what the explorer Balboa saw when he declared it 'Pacifico'. The skies are clear, and we can expect rain in maybe May or June. It's the dry season, and we'll take it!

Tomorrow we'll dock in Golfito, Costa Rica. This will be our second port visit there, when we were there in 2008. It is a small, sleepy little tropical city, once one of the ports serving the banana trade to the USA, but having been out-dated by larger ports with better infrastructure. But small or not, I know that our cadets are looking forward to some liberty - after all - they will have been aboard for 12 days when we dock, and at least 17 days since they had a day away from the ship. But before they go on liberty they have two important events - one is Captain's Inspection tonight when all berthing and public areas in the cadet world are inspected, with a close personnel inspection.

After this the cadets will all be mustered on the Helo Deck, and be administered a pre-port briefing by Captain Rozak and Commander Kelleher - they providing the does and don'ts of liberty policy, as well as stern warnings on the ramifications for poor decisions. Let's hope they all listen.more tomorrow...

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