Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Captain's Blog 1/25/12

Missed a day - I guess I can blame it on a 15-round fight with the email service. We hope that we have worked out a fix with the provider, and it seems to be working better at this time. Out on board IT guy, and honestly it isn't his full-time job aboard, has been working very hard - telephone calls for long periods of time as he worked with software engineers in France and Germany.  Everyone wants to make it right, so as frustrated as we all get over it, they are honestly trying to make it right.

Tonight we stepped too far into the Royal Domain of King Neptune. He sent his Royal Scribe, Davy Jones and some rough looking Shellbacks to board the Kennedy. He abruptly surprised the bridge watch in a cavalcade of explosions and demanded to see the Captain. Upon arrival on the bridge Davy challenged my right to bring mere pollywogs and tadpoles into the Realm. I told him I had emailed King Neptune, and was quickly reminded that the 'The email ain't working Cap'n!'

Shortly thereafter I had all the unworthy assembled on the Helo Deck - as Davy made a fine arrival, flying up to the Boat Deck from the Fantail. He proceeded to chastise the pollywogs on their crimes- then read a proclamation dictating that they stand before the King himself in the morning.

So, as quickly as he arrived he was gone, but not before commanding his shellback to 'wash them down!' In a matter of minutes all 630 pollywogs were drenched in the water of the Seven Seas - and now await their trial in the morning. More tomorrow...

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