Wednesday, January 4, 2012

FTV 1/4/2012 Loading Up The Ship

Today is the first full workday for the 600 cadets and their officers after reporting to the ship yesterday, they have stowed all their gear, received their assignments and participated in an emergency training in the pool.  The 600 cadets began the task of loading the T.S. Kennedy with the food and provisions that are needed for the 2012 Semester at Sea Trip to Costa Rica, Ecuador, Republic of Panama and St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.

All day at Taylor’s Point huge trailer trucks dropped off food supplies such as mile and boxes of cereal that were loaded onto the ship by the cadets who worked in shifts to carry on the cases and cases of groceries to the ships galley.

 For some of the extra large crates crews of cadets on deck coordinated with the cadets on the dock to us a crane to handle the over-sized cargo. This hard work is part of the training that the Cadets receive as part of their sea term experience.

 Whaling ship Captains had similar problems when it came to feeding their crew. 
Here's a Challenge:
Can you figure out how much food the Captain would have to bring for his voyage? 

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