Friday, February 10, 2012

FTV 2/10/12 The Quinn Family

This Sea Term is extra special to the Quinn family of who has a long tradition of Marine transportation training here at MMA. Captain Jim Quinn is a 1969 graduate, while his son Kevin will graduate this year. Family member Mike Quinn, also an MMA graduate is currently working as the chief mate on a commercial tanker ship.

Captain Quinn joined the Education staff at MMA in 2001, after his 1999 retirement from the US Navy. He entered the Navy right out of MMA and during his career he commanded of two naval ships from 1985 to 1990. Then, from 1991 and 1993 he was the Captain of USS Patterson (FF1061) Here at MMA Captain Quinn, is currently a Deck Trainer, and Professor of Marine Transportation. Currently, he is teaching meteorology and a course on Ship Handling to cadets.
Beyond his distinguished Naval career, Quinn has also earned two masters degrees. One from the Naval War College in Strategic Planning, and another, a Masters in Management from Salve Regina College. In addition he current holds a Master Mariners License, which means he is licensed to sail as captain of any type of ship on the sea.

Quinn's youngest son Kevin is making his family and MMA proud as a Senior Deck rate on this year's Sea Term. Kevin grew up in Barrington, RI. He knew from the time he entered High School that he wanted to join the Navy, and chose Mass Maritime, because after his four year education here, he will not only earn a college degree, but also become a licensed mariner , along with a Navy Commission. Over his last four years he has participated in a Naval Reserve Program, called the Student Incentive Program (SIP). By participating in this program Quinn will be prepared for a commission in the Naval Reserve.

Captain and Kevin Quinn have faced several challenges as a father -teacher-son- student. Balancing these roles has made this father son duo especially sensitive to hints of favoritism. Kevin wants his classmates to respect the fact that he is choosing his naval career for himself.
One of Captain Quinn's fondest memories of the 2012 Sea Term was watching his youngest son become a shellback. This designation makes a sailor part of a long tradition of the Mariner Community.

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