Sunday, January 27, 2013

Captain's Blog 1/27/13

We made it to San Juan on time. It was a little frustrating because our speed of advance had to be higher than normal as the scheduled time from New Orleans to Nassau was set up for our normal 15 knot cruising speed. From South West Pass in Louisiana we needed 17.1 knots, but once we hit the Straits of Florida and the head current of the North Atlantic Current we were knocked back to 16 knots, so we needed to add more speed. Even the higher speed was touch and go as the currents and the wind were working against us - but we made it to the pilot station only five minutes late!

The last eight hours were rough as we had a pretty good roll going - and it was inconsistent, not predictable. So I, along with many others aboard, had some trouble sleeping. An uncomfortable sleep, coupled with being called at 0400 makes for a long day.

But with Finished with Engines (FWE) at 0800, we had crew streaming down the gangway at 0830 - and by 0900 most all the cadets deserving of liberty were on their way. I hope they enjoy San Juan - it has beautiful beaches, and Old San Juan has many fine restaurants to enjoy. Of course the site-seeing in Morro Castle, the oldest fort in North America is always an enjoyable take.

Captain Lima has written one more Captain's Log - but I will save it for tomorrow morning - as I needed to update you all on topical ships information. That will be posted tomorrow.

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