Monday, January 14, 2013


T.S. Kennedy passed Cape Hatteras last night at 0310. The sunrise showed us a clear sky
with warm temperatures. The ship is riding very easy in a smooth sea.

Yesterday we faced a common problem when the Patriots make it into the
playoff second round.  Our satellite television system has about 300
channels - but none of them carry football games. However, we could still receive Boston network channels. But
when would we lose it? Can you imagine losing the signal in the last
quarter? So I turned the ship around and slowed way down. We stayed in the
coverage area, and did not go too far back. We’ll make up the time between now
and New Orleans with no problem – and over 300 cadets and crew were
watching the Pats win!

Today is day one of the formal training programs. Deck cadets were out in
deck before sunrise looking towards the heavens for stars to take sights
on, and deck training officers were on the bridge augmenting the Mate on
watch. At 0800, one-third of the cadets went to various locations
throughout the ship for their classes – Main Deck forward, five hold lower
tween, six hold upper and lower tween and three hold tank top. All 23
faculty and trainers on board are fully engaged with cadets at this time,
and will complete their assignments over the next 24 days (excluding port

With bridge and engine watches staffed, deck and engine maintenance
working, and cadets in training, we are fully utilizing the T.S. Kennedy as
all the cadets give the ship 12-hours per day – and to think some people
call this a cruise?

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