Friday, January 11, 2013

FTV 1/11/2013 Onloading

Once the freshmen got all of their gear situated on the ship, it was time to get to work. It is our job to work together to get all of the supplies we need on board. Shipment trucks pull up to the dock with all of our essentials. Certified drivers use the forklifts to take the stockpile out of the trucks and line it up alongside the ship. Then, the cadets form an "assembly line" and hoist everything aboard the Kennedy.

The freshmen are sure to put each shipment in its proper place on the ship. The line extended into the messdeck, the refrigerator, and the cleaning supply locker. Onloading is a perfect example of teamwork aboard a ship. We had to cooperate and be very patient with eachother in order to make sure the ship is prepared to feed and provide for us and our shipmates. Now that the ship has been stocked up, we re almost ready to set sail and really begin our voyage!


One of the most challenging jobs for the ships kitchen crew is to plan meals that will be nutritious  and delicious as well as creating the least amount of waste that must be held on the ship until it can be properly disposed of with no harm to the environment Try this activity to learn how to prepare a menu and snacks ahead of time will help group members pack lightly with a minimal amount of garbage and will make the use of a stove more convenient, eliminating the need for a campfire. .

Whaling ship Captains had similar problems when it came to feeding their crew. 
Here's a Challenge:
Can you figure out how much food the Captain would have to bring for his voyage?

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