Saturday, February 16, 2013

Captain's Blog 2/16/13

Aruba is a favorite destination for tourists - from both northern Europe and North America. And you can see why, it is very warm, even hot, but you'll not feel it because of the relentless trade winds. And very rarely does it rain this time of year. The streets and beaches are immaculate, taxi drivers polite and fair, and shop owners are welcoming. The ocean is a vivid aqua blue - the term Aruba blue has been heard by me for years - distinctive and inviting.

About 70 cadets took an great trip yesterday (and today) when they went out on an excursion boat for four-hours of snorkeling on the reefs on the west side of the island. Other cadets have taken four-wheeler tours to the east side of the island, highlighted by the natural pools, where the ocean's swell drives into tiny bays within the rocky shore and gives the swimmers an exciting ride. But the beaches are most popular, the cadets getting that last taste of warm weather, getting impressive tans along the way. Too bad they'll have a week at sea to see it wane.

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