Monday, February 18, 2013

Captain's Blog 2/18/13

Yesterday's ship's cookout was very well received, although there was not as much excitement. The weather was OK, high 80's, Easterly force 5 wind, slight roll on the ship. But everyone had plenty of time to relax, sleep and eat - of course eat. The Chartwell's gang grilled over 900 sirloin steaks for the evening meal, and they were well prepared and tender. I wonder about the Chefs that had to cut all of them - talk about repetitive stress syndrome! Well done to all the Chartwell's gang for the nice day - and for a very successful food service throughout the trip. The Chief Steward told me yesterday they may have to limit fresh milk to breakfast only later this week - not too bad on the predication of consumption!

Last evening the Student Government Association - headed up by 1/C Doug Neal from Hempstead, MD - had a cadet Talent Night. I looked in a few times, but usually stay at arm's length, sensing that my presence may interfere with the talent - or should I say sarcastic humor. I'm told they had a great time.

At 0600 this morning it looked cold out on deck. From my window it was cloud, and the sea took on a grey hue. It just looked cold to me, despite the bridge weather report that it was 73 degrees with a NE'ly breeze. But upon walking out on deck at 0715, I felt the warmth and watched the sunrise in broken clouds to the East, and the rest of the sky was clear. The sunrise was inspiring, the sun being partly blocked; causing vivid yellow rays cascading in all directions through redden clouds and sky.

Today is for work - we've got plenty to do this last week - today is training day 21, leaving only three more. Then we'll have an examination day on Friday - then the dreaded field day on Saturday. On that day there is only one mission besides watch - cleaning. We will distribute Customs Declaration forms today and begin the process of collecting for a sanity check; we'll also be collecting S2 wrist bands for storage until next year. Each job sounds minor, but multiply it by 696 and it can get daunting. We'll get it done.

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