Monday, February 11, 2013

FTV 2/11/2013 Sunday at Sea

Breaking up the nine long days it will end up taking for us to get to Aruba is Sunday at Sea! We've had a long day of fun in the sun on the T.S. Kennedy. Sunday at Sea is a tradition we have during Sea Term where every Sunday that we are not in port, we have a break from the nonstop working. Well, sort of... I know I've mentioned how the regiment works, especially out at sea. We have job on the ship and there's always work to be done. Division three still had their watch cycle, so some cadets might have missed some of the festivities. Division one still had to get some maintenance done before everything could get set up. However, there was no class today!

After waking up for Morning Formation, as usual, I was able to head up to the Navigation Lab and witness the release of the fast rescue boat. Around 1130, it was time for lunch; a huge spread of hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages, pasta salad, and pineapple was set up by our very own Chartwell's crew. After some chow, I set off to the boat deck to lay out in the sun for a while. There, I was able to catch some of the cadets working on their jousting skills. A large blow-up platform with two large battle arms was prepared for the cadets to duel it out for the entire afternoon. This, however, was just practice.

Up above the Navigation Lab, cadets had the chance to play corn hole; a bean bag tossing game. First place won $100, second place $50, and $20 for third. It was amazing to have a nice relaxing day; on the Helo Deck, everyone was basking in the hot Puerto Rican sun. We had a great playlist of music, and later in the day some cadets played the guitar for everyone's enjoyment. At about 1700, dinner came out with some familiar dishes from earlier, and barbecue ribs! Not long after, buckets of ice cream! There was chocolate, coffee, vanilla, cookies n' cream, and mint chocolate chip! Never mind the brownies and whoopie pie cake! We were definitely spoiled today! After watching a beautiful sunset, the jousting stage got brought down from the Boat Deck to the Helo Deck. Cadets that won front row seats to the competition from the Wounded Warrior Raffle lined the stage and the ComCad staff, along with Captain Bushy, ran the show! It was a full on battle for each event; the cadets took out any built up stress from work and classes on their opponent with those huge jousting "q-tips". Bragging rights were at stake, and the competitors got pumped up.

Participating in the Hold Captain Tournament was Cadets: Dhimogjini, Atkinson, Jenkinson, Simpson, Meyer, Katapodis, Camara, and Lynch. The champion of this tournament was Mr. Dhimogjini! The two female hold captains, Cadets Burke and Salem, battled it out with Ms. Salem as the champion. Next was the Women's Tournament with Cadets: Hogan, Courcy, Guidry,Thibeault, Whittemore, Enman, Derrane, and Denapoli. The champion of this tournament was Ms. Thibeault! There was a non-licensed major event (MSEP, EM, IMBU) where cadets Tagger, Lutter, Patsios, Bonina, Cushman, and Lemoine went head to head. Even the ship's ensigns wanted in on the fun; Jacob "King Kong" Kohn defeated Eric "All Talk" Morton. "Iron" Mike Singleton defeated "Action" Adam Jackson. There was a "Battle of the Chiefs", where Cadet Chief Mate Sean Baggett defeated Cadet Chief Engineer Rob Lowell. The "Battle of the Adjutants" resulted in the Engineer Adjutant, Cadet Mr. Young, defeating the Support Bill Adjutant, Cadet Mr. DeGiso. Cadets Mr. Kristoff, Mr. Lane, Mr. Losi, and Mr. Gregoire participated in the "Battle of the Company Commanders" where Mr. Losi was the victor. In the "Battle of the Division Leaders", cadets Mr. Fowler, Mr. Lueze, Mr. Gilbert, and Mr. Lohr participated; Division One's very own Mr. Lohr took the victory for this battle. Some wild card participants included cadets: Mr. Kupiec, Mr. Jennison, Mr.Klose, and Mr. Neal. Mr. Jennison came out as the champion.  At last night's auction, cadet Mr. Finnegan had the highest bid to have the opportunity to joust the Regimental Commander, cadet Mr. Manning. After a well fought match, Mr. Manning was the champion, and included an extra match for the bidder. One of the funnier battles we had was the production of 4/C cadet Mr. Frost vs. 1/C cadet Mr. Lamm. Mr. Frost won, and his troop of supporters carried him away from the stage with a victory lap. The main event included two heavy weights: cadet Jared "Mr. Sunshine" Roark vs. cadet Stephen "The Mountain" Moore. This was another well fought battle, and 1/C Moor came out on top as the champion of the main event!

It was an absolutely amazing day for a grand T.S. Kennedy cookout for Sunday at Sea! Can't wait for the next one!

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